Manual for an invite to Telegram soft chats

Hello dear friends, in this guide we will look at how to invite people to your telegram chat using Telegram soft, what are the limits and recommendations.

The tab with this function is located here

You can invite users to both public and private chats. To do this, fill in the appropriate fields with the setting, where to invite, whom to invite (both by logins and by numbers), how many users to invite with one request, the maximum number of invitations from one account, what delay should be set between invitations, as well as the waiting time for Peer flood in Telegram.

You can see the recommended settings in the screenshot below.

A small list of tips when inviting, as well as the limits of invites in telegram chat


The group is recommended with a stay of a couple of weeks
If accounts that invite users are deleted, they will be automatically written off, so try to make 5-10 invites from 1 account per day
It is better not to invite more than 120-150 people per day to avoid deleting the group and automatically limiting the chat to the invitation.
Try to invite the target audience, they will send fewer complaints, which means you can get more traffic without any sanctions from telegrams.
There should be activity in your chat, so the likelihood that your chat will be deleted is reduced to a minimum.
We recommend setting a peer flood delay of about 500 seconds