Frequently Asked Questions

We decided to compile for you the most important things to get started with Telegram PRIME in one article for your convenience.

Enjoy your acquaintance.

But first, a little preface.

Everyone should take into account that we are offering you a multifunctional working tool, and not a “lots of money” button or something like a magic wand. This is a high-quality unit, like the Porsche among cars, but it remains a car that depends on your skills, as well as on where and what you will fill it with, i.e. just like your Porsche :). We are trying to make training more accessible and simpler, but you should take into account that spam, like invites in Telegram, is becoming more difficult every year, but we are doing everything to ensure that our product corresponds to current trends of today. Let’s say a couple of years ago it was possible to register tens of thousands of accounts a day using free Tor proxies, but now you need to search and study a lot of things on your own. Previously, it was possible to invite 100,500 people per day to the channel from one account, but now the first 200, fortunately, at least you can still invite people into groups normally.

Those. we only give you maximum flexibility in setting and can tell you how best to do it, but with aspects, personal parameters that will help you achieve your goals, you must decide for yourself, but of course our team will never leave you alone with the unknown and always ready to suggest the right direction.

This article will essentially duplicate the topic – Quick Table of Contents, but with comments from the development team on where to start in order to quickly get started.​



Quick answer to frequently asked questions:



  • Do you have a demo so I can try your product before purchasing?
  • Yes, of course, we provide free access to our tool for 72 hours to everyone. To get it, please leave your request in the contact form on our website, or write directly to the manager from the sales department via Telegram, ICQTamTam, Discord, Element.


  • What features are included in the standard license?
  • When purchasing a standard license, i.e. for 1 Month or Eternal, you get access to all functionality except four additional modules, which are paid separately. You can view the functionality in the interactive interface browser.


  • What are additional modules to the main Telegram PRIME license?
  • Chat Cloner – here the name speaks for itself, i.e. it is used to clone Telegram chats (aka groups). But you should understand that this cloner clones only the content and “transforms” your accounts visually as similar as possible to the accounts of those users who wrote in the target group. Those. group subscribers are not transferred, you can later do this through the invite function.
  • Reporter – this module is used to send mass complaints to channels, groups, bots using the accounts that you have added to the program. It is also possible to overwhelm a competitor’s bot with hundreds/thousands of requests to the bot, which will definitely disrupt its work.
  • Message Interceptor – this module is capable of catching messages based on trigger words from groups, channels, bots, personal correspondence of the account for which it is launched (i.e. an account from the program) and forwarding these messages where necessary, for example a group, channel , and/or save a local copy. You can also set up all incoming messages from your accounts in some group, and reply to those messages. Your response on behalf of the account where the message came (i.e. you will need to create an additional session for your work account and log into it from your phone or TG Desktop) will be sent to the author of the caught post (it makes function to work like a Livegram bot).
  • Channel cloner – here, like item 1, the name speaks for itself. This module is used to create a copy of someone else’s channel and, yes, of course, only its contents. The module is capable of cloning both old posts and in real time as the post is published in the source channel. When cloning a post, you can choose what to replace in it, for example, all links like “Subscribe” will be changed and will lead to your channel; You can also configure the replacement of any keywords in the post.


  • What are the minimum PC requirements to install Telegram Prime?
  • Read our installation article, which already covers much of this in detail.


  • My anti-virus is alerting. Why is this and what should I do?
  • It is advisable to disable Windows Defender (Firewall), Anti-Virus, Windows UAC (Account Defender), Windows SmartScreen. All this is due to the fact that the code of our software is reliably protected and, as a result, anti-virus programs cannot read certain parts of it. You can read more about this here (click).
    We assure you that all possible anti-virus alarms are false and do not pose a threat to either your data or your PC.


  • What should I do if, when activated with a license key, Telegram Prime does not accept it and resets it again to enter the key?
  • Most often, restarting the program is enough, but if the situation repeats, then you should contact our manager from the sales department via Telegram, ICQTamTam, Discord, Element to resolve this issue.


  • Type of interaction with TG services?
  • API interaction.


  • Can I change my avatar, name, or nickname on my account?
  • Yes, the accounts panel has a very wide selection of functions both for editing an account and setting it up for further work.


  • What kind of tracking do accounts need for spam/invite?
  • Minimum of 3-4 days (preferably 7-14+) regardless of the country of the account.


  • Which countries are preferable for work?
  • In general, this will depend on the goals and ability to use accounts; now the main thing is keeping track of accounts, and not the country of the SIM card.


  • How is an API different from clickers?
  • The speed of interaction is higher and resource consumption is much lower. As well as a wide range of functionality that cannot be implemented through a clicker.


  • Where is the market for accounts and proxies of your project?
  • Contact our manager from the sales department via Telegram, ICQTamTam, Discord, Element, he will advise you in detail.


  • Having purchased a license, can I use it on 2 or more PCs?
  • No, one license is designed to work on only one machine and is bind to the hardware. To perform several tasks simultaneously, you can run several independent copies of the program at once within one PC.


  • What should I do if the program is installed on my work PC, but I need to do some work from home?
  • That is why we recommend installing Telegram PRIME on a reliable cloud server (recommended), which you can operate from any device, as well as at any time of the day or night, wherever you are, the main thing is that you have an Internet connection.


  • Can I use Telegram PRIME on my phone?
  • No, at the moment the program only works on PCs running Windows, but! You can install the program on a cloud server and manage it by connecting from any device and even from your phone.


  • If I change PC will I have to buy a new license?
  • No, we have a free service for resetting the key binding to hardware through representatives of our team (Telegram, ICQTamTam, Discord, Element). Ideally, of course, contact your seller directly.


  • How do I register my accounts or transfer existing ones?
  • At the moment, auto-registration of accounts, although it requires a certain approach, works properly. Do not forget that immediately after registration you will not be able to use new accounts, because… it should take a little time. If you need to work right here and now, then we recommend buying ready-made accounts.


  • How long do accounts need to rest before I can work with them?
  • For the first 12-15 hours it is better not to touch them at all. You can then check them out, but make sure you check without a spambot since they are brand new and don’t have any conversations yet. Then, during the first 3-5-7 days, it is not recommended to perform any operations with them, except for checking without a spam bot, setting an avatar, adding a bio, etc. And only after this period you can start working with your new accounts. But we still recommend that you wait for 14+ days, because after 14 days the so-called “geo block” is removed (it is present on the accounts of some countries) – this is when immediately after registration the account is in a spam block and if it is checked for such restrictions , then the chances of irretrievably losing such accounts are high. This information is a conditionally universal recommendation and the timing of retiring may differ for different geographies.


  • How many messages can an account send in a personal message or invite to a chat before being banned?
  • If one account sends 30-40 SMS at a time or invites the same number of people, this is considered a good result. After this, the account goes either to spamblock or to ban. Spamblock can be canceled by TG in a few days, then account can send or invite a little more, then most probably it’ll be banned. But you should understand that 30-40 is an excellent result that our experienced users achieve.


  • If accounts are deleted after sending, does the message reach the recipient?
  • Yes, most often the dialogue remains, but recently Telegram has greatly tightened its rules and there are situations when messages sent to the account are deleted along with the account.


  • What is the cost of sending one message?
  • This is a very broad topic and requires a deep analysis of the strategies and plans that have been built, but on average we can say that the cost will be about $0.01 per message.


  • What is the best way to send messages and get fewer account bans?
  • A lot depends on what exactly is being sent, i.e. message content. We recommend paying attention to T4BT – a Telegram bot that creates posts for mass DM, with a postbot function. With its help, you can easily get the most out of your accounts when sending out messages. This tool is designed to create posts with or without buttons, with or without a description for a media file, and supports multi-level randomization of both text and media files.


  • Why doesn’t Telegram PRIME have a chat in Telegram?
  • It exists, but you won’t find him easily and he’s not on Telegram (they ban us there for obvious reasons). After the purchase, you will be added to our private chat, where you can also ask questions both to the community and to our support. We also have support right in the software. Operates Mon-Fri 0800-2000 (GMT+2).


  • I already have a Telegram account, can I add my account to the program for work?
  • Yes, we have the function of transferring an account to the program using both an authorization code and a QR code. But! If this is your personal/work account, then you should be extremely careful with its use in the program, because if, due to inexperience, you do the wrong things, then TG may ban your account and you will lose it forever. Moreover, with one account in the program, let’s say, you won’t get great results, i.e. For work you will still need a certain amount, which will depend on your goals and objectives.


  • Your account format is Tdata?
  • No, we use our own combination of .session + .json format, which allows each account to take up only 32kb of space. But accounts in tData format can either be transferred manually by receiving an authorization code, or directly (there is a guide in the knowledge base), and can be converted either within our program or with a dedicated converter.


  • I have accounts in your format, where should I put them?
  • To work with them, you just need to put the files in the ‘sessions’ folder inside the Telegram PRIME installed folder. The ‘sessions_temp’ folder stores the account files that you sent to the archive.


  • Why do I need to use a proxy? I have a VPN.
  • VPN and proxy are two different things. Proxies will be needed specifically to connect to each account, and this connection occurs in such a way that each account has a separate IP address. Those, if a bunch of your accounts connect from the same IP, even if it is an IP from your VPN provider, then all these accounts will most likely be blocked by Telegram.


  • How many proxies do I need to buy to use, for example, 100 accounts?
  • It is worth proceeding from the formula: 1acc = 1proxy. But if the proxy is rotating, it is also called dynamic, and it has a large pool of IP addresses, then there can be one such proxy for many accounts. Most often, our clients use dynamic proxies. Contact our manager (Telegram, ICQTamTam, Discord, Element), he will offer you the best options.


  • When registering, we use only proxies. Should I use the same proxies when inviting and sending? Or is it better to be different?
  • It is better to use different proxies for registration and mailing/invitation.


  • When parsing and inviting, should you use the same accounts, or is it better to use different ones?
  • You can use the same ones, but aggressive parsing can lead to a temporary flood on your account.


  • When sending out messages, my accounts get flooded without having time to send anything, or they only sent a couple of messages. What to do?
  • This is most likely and most often caused by your message not being randomized properly. Remember: everything that makes up your message must be qualitatively randomized! This applies to both the text itself and pictures, links, etc. We can offer professional image randomizer or more professional tool for making high quality randomized posts for mass DM.


  • Do you have an “account warmer” and do you need to warm up accounts at all?
  • It is possible and, under certain circumstances, even necessary to “warm up” accounts. There is no direct “warm-up” function, but there are many separate functions or variations of actions with which you can perform the so-called “warm-up”. Such functions include subscriptions to groups and channels, as well as all kinds of boosts (views, reactions, participation in voting), you can also divide accounts between different copies of the software and, by launching one copy in the branched autoresponder mode, and the second in the mailing mode to accounts, which are launched in the first copy.


  • Are mobile proxies suitable for sending/inviting?
  • If not, can you provide a link that will work? For invitations and mailings, the best option is to use paid proxies, you can purchase them from our sellers, or read tips and articles on our resources, here is one of them.


  • Can I see the messages that will be sent to the account I work with in Telegram PRIME?
  • Yes, and we have several such possibilities: The so-called “web view” of the account has been implemented, which allows you to quickly log into your account and view incoming messages, as well as respond to those who wrote manually. There is also an option to quickly open an account directly in Telegram Desktop (it is not recommended to use it if the account session was created for a mobile device). There is both a built-in and dedicated session+json to tdata converter.


  • What does the concept of “threads” mean in the context of using computer software?
  • The concept of “threads” in the context of computer software (software) often refers to threads of execution or threads of control in multithreaded programming. Here are the main aspects of this concept:
    • Threads of execution: These are the smallest units of processing that can be distributed and managed by the operating system. A thread is the main path for executing a task within a process. Each thread can run independently of the others and have its own call stack, its own registers and its own state. However, threads within the same process share common memory and resources.
    • Multithreading: This is the ability of a program or operating system to manage multiple threads in parallel. This allows you to increase the efficiency of using computer resources by processing data or executing tasks in parallel. Multithreading is especially useful on multiprocessor or multicore systems, where threads can physically execute simultaneously.


We will try to update this article more often in order to bring something new and as useful as possible for you. In conclusion, I want to say that if you want to pay Google not $500 for leads, but $50, then this is your path, but don’t forget that you need to constantly learn and develop in this area, be in trend and not be lazy to try something new. Successful mailings and invites, promotions and registrations, and of course, promising promotion in Telegram, the future is yours!

With ❤️. Telegram PRIME team.